Select your number of games
Select your number of games
We guarantee 8/10 wins in your placements
If the booster loses more than 2 games you will receive 2 additional wins for every loss. If the booster goes one division up after placement games, your boost will be counted as completed.
€30.00 ($32.80)
€27.00 ($29.52)
Approximate completion time: 1-2 days
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Select the details of your purchase.
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This a service that we have worked out for players who have problems with time management, with leveling up a new League of Legends account or for players who have to play their ranked restriction games, but who just cannot seem to get through the boredom and incredible amount of normal games they have ahead of them. Playing normal games can be worse than playing in ELO hell. Some games can be so frustrating that you could tear your keyboard apart while playing it. As we were working out on our classic ELO boost services to get you through the games in ELO hell, we had the same idea in mind while working on our normal boost service. Since it takes less skill and effort to play normal games, we made sure that we make our prices as reasonable as possible. Completing and even winning normal games is much easier than any ranked games. For this reason, we cut our prices for this service. The service works the same way as the other ELO-boost services, league boosting for example. By filling in your account information and purchasing a normal boost, you will get a booster from BoostRoyal logging into your account and winning the games for you while gathering Influence Points so you do not have to go through the boring normal games and, at the end of your boost, you might have some IP to spend as well!

Normal games vs normal wins

At BoostRoyal, we make a distinction between normal games boosts and normal wins boosts. Both services offer fast and important progress for the customer. The difference between the two is that a simple normal games boost will buy you the number of normal games on your League of Legends account while a normal wins boost will get you the number of normal wins on your LoL account of your desire. Both services have their advantages. The normal game boost will get you through the boring and frustrating normal games the fastest way was possible, since lost games are allowed in this service. The normal win boost on the other hand will give you only wins on your LoL account. The service might cost you more than the simple normal game boost, but it will get more Influence Points and it will also improve your normal games ELO score. To get the most out of this boost, you can purchase an Influence Points boost from the in-game client, so every win that our booster does for you will get you twice as much IP than without the additional IP boost. When choosing between normal games boost or normal wins boost, keep in mind that we provide professional boosters for every order, which means that the simple normal games boost will still get you more wins than losses. In this case, there is no bad choice when it comes to buying a normal boost if you need good and fast progress!