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What happens if the booster loses a game on a ranked win boost?
Losing a game during the ranked wins boost means that the booster will have to play extra games. For example, if you buy 10 wins and the booster loses 2 games, he will have 12 wins and 2 defeats overall by the time he has finished ranked win boost on your account. For instances at 0 LP, if you demote we will only be responsible for the net games purchased. If you do not demote you get an additional win at 0 LP.
Why is my LP Gain relevant for this kind of service?
Your LP gain mostly depends on your MMR. Two accounts with the same rank but different LP gain will have different MMR, which results in a difference in the difficulty of the games we will have to win. In the past, we compensated for some accounts having a very high Match Making Rating with a rule, according to which we counted each promotion as an additional win played, but this affected every customer, regardless of their MMR. With the new system, we aim to ensure that you don't have to pay more than what is fair for your account.
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Excellent 4.81 Rating
6440 Reviews
Excellent boost rating
very nice service
MT9Lg0Vy Verified
15 hours ago
Really reliable and fast!
Anonymous Verified
2 days ago
Service is a hit or miss, sometimes you get great and quick service, and your booster is amazing, like Tunker was on my most recent purchase, or you can end up waiting awhile. I recommend picking Tunker as your booster if you do purchase the service though
Anonymous Verified
2 days ago
Best and most affordable website found so far
Peter Verified
2 days ago
Not expensive and the boosters are quick to respond!
Iz Verified
2 days ago
If the booster is comitted the experience is really smoth otherwise it's a pain.
Anonymous Verified
2 days ago
Amazing! One of the best prices for best service and value.
Anthony Verified
3 days ago
The site was very easy to use and have many payment methods. The booster did a wonderful service, as well as the live chat with discount codes. In short, the website is safe and easy to use. Definitely Recommend!
JMango Verified
3 days ago
Very well. Account given instantly when purchased
Anonymous Verified
3 days ago
its little high price but quality of coaching is good )
Anonymous Verified
3 days ago
10 Years of Expertise
Since season one, we have been offering professional ELO Boost services and gathering experience to perfect our LoL Boost quality.
24/7 Availability
Our expert LoL boost team is always available. To provide a high-quality service globally, we employ the best boosters from all regions.
Professional Boosters
Our team includes the top challenger LoL boosters. We hand-select & screen our employees, who provide professional performance & attitude.
Premium Support
Boostroyal's help center includes 24/7 live chat support and phone assistance, offering any help related to your ELO boost.
Secured Private Data
We use VPN protection to maximize LoL boost safety and 256 bit SSL encryption to maximize client data security.
Refund Policy
Our refund policy gives more flexibility for clients. Buyers are eligible to receive full or partial refunds according to the progress of the ELO boost.
How to Buy?
Select the details of your purchase.
After clicking the 'Buy Boost' button, you can either continue as a guest or as a returning customer.
By clicking the 'Purchase' button, you will be redirected to the chosen payment gateway.
In the members area you can track your order, spectate, pause or chat live with your booster!

Why you should get a ranked wins boost?

We recommend you to buy win boosts when you feel that you cannot make further progress in the game. The reasons may vary. You are only able to climb the ladder if you can carry games more intensely than your teammates feeding. At some point, that can become really difficult, since the LoL ELO system has some flaws. The ELO system works great for 1v1 games such as chess (where it comes from), but when it comes to a 5v5 game such as LoL, it is just not as rewarding as it should be. The system considers the team members as equal. It does not matter whether you have outplayed the whole enemy team or you are legendary, at some point, this will not be enough to carry a whole game. We recommend you to buy a win boost when you feel that you have reached that point and you cannot carry any longer, but you would like to play meaningful games in higher divisions.

Briefly about ranked wins boost

Ranked wins boost is a great solution if you find it hard to make further progress in the game. Through ranked wins boost, the customer is able to purchase a desired number of wins. All you have to do is to choose how many ranked wins you would like to have on your LoL account. Ranked wins boost is a great solution if you got stuck on a particular division, or you just simply want to increase the MMR (Match-Making Rating) on your account.

The process of ranked wins boost

After purchasing a win boost, one of our boosters will start to play on your account. He will try to win as many ranked games as possible in order to finish his work in the fastest manner. What happens if he loses a game? Losing a game while ranked wins boost means that the booster will have to play extra games. For example, If you buy 10 wins and the booster loses 2 games, he will have 12 wins and 2 defeats overall by the time he has finished ranked win boost on your account.

Division versus ranked wins boosting

Purchasing a wins boost is a smaller type of investment. If you do not feel comfortable investing in a division boost, buying a wins boost can be a safe first step towards your goal. Ranked wins boost can also be a great opportunity if you are about to try our services for the first time. By purchasing a smaller wins boost you will have the opportunity to get to know more about our high-quality services by trying out the process of the purchase itself. Since the wins boost is a smaller investment than division boosting, in most cases, it will also take us less time to complete it. Overall, ranked wins boost is an easy, fast and smart way to get confident about our high-quality services at BoostRoyal.
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